Shallow’ bride slammed for shaming best friend’s wedding gift on social media

A bride has been slammed after attempting to shame her ‘best friend’ on social media for the gift she bought her to celebrate her wedding.

The newlywed posted on Facebook to say her “exclusive” wedding had focused on the guests, with no expense spared to ensure everything they wanted to enjoy was paid for ahead of time.

She said that despite knowing the effort and cost the big day had required, her best friend had presented her with two towels from a superstore with a value of about £5 as a gift.

Posting a message on a Facebook group for wedding chat, the bride from Australia asked: “Hey everyone, has anyone received any wedding gifts in the past that were a slap in the face?

“How did you deal with it? My partner and I had a very exclusive wedding, all inclusive and the focus were our guests.

“Our best friend, husband and kids know this and they gifted us 2 Kmart towels, a total value of about $10. This hurt us a lot, as it was a slap in the face… we don’t know how to deal with it… any suggestions?”

But rather than receiving the sympathetic advice she had been hoping for, people criticised her for the post, labelling the move “shallow” and “ungrateful”, as reported by

One person replied to tell her: “Maybe it’s all they can afford? Be thankful they wanted to be there to celebrate your special day and focus on the qualities in their personalities rather than the material items they may or may not have given you.”

A second asked: “Are you serious? It’s not about what you get out of it.”

Others said she should be more appreciative she was able to celebrate with family and friends at all, explaining their weddings had been cancelled or delayed due to the pandemic and they have been left in limbo over when it will be possible to go ahead.

Some saw no issue with the present in the first place, writing: “Towels are an awesome gift. Who cares how much they cost. What a shallow person.”

And another simply added: “‘Any suggestions?’ Yes, say thank you then shut up.”