Woman shows off ‘bargain’ £30 sofa to pal – only to realise awkward mistake

Shopping online is always a bit of a risk, if you haven’t physically seen the item you’re buying, then you never quite know what you’re going to get.

And sometimes it’s easy to make mistakes and purchase something that doesn’t meet your needs – perhaps because you misread the product description and size, or you got carried away by the idea of a bargain that seemed too good to be true.

The latter recently happened to one couple who are buying furniture for their new apartment.

While the wife was at work, the husband claimed to have found an incredible deal on a sofa at Argos, however she soon discovered it wasn’t what it appeared.

The unnamed man claimed he’d found a bargain sofa at the high street store for just £30, so told his wife he’d ordered it to arrive the next day.

His wife excitedly messaged one of her friends to share his incredible find, only for her pal to point out a rather embarrassing error.

It turned out the sofa deal was too good to be true, as it wasn’t a regular sofa, but a piece of children’s doll house furniture.

The hilarious blunder was shared on Twitter by a user named Priya, who tweets on the account @BirdCalledPriya.

Priya shared screenshots of the text conversation she had with her friend Melissa about the sofa.

She captioned the post: “When people ask me why I don’t want to be in a relationship – I will now be using this conversation with a friend as part of my case…”

In the messages, Priya asks Melissa how the new flat is, she responds that it’s great and she’s been “getting furniture really slowly”.

Melissa then says: “Kieran bought a sofa from Argos for £30!!! Being delivered tomorrow.”

This text is followed up by a picture of a white and grey sofa, which has three small pink cushions on top.

Priya replies: “Mel, you know that’s for a doll don’t you? It’s for a kids doll house.

“You must have known that! It doesn’t even look like a proper sofa!”

Below this is a photo of a doll sat on the very same sofa as before. Oh dear…

Melissa, less than impressed at being duped by her husband, confesses she’s been on night shifts so was feeling pretty tired when she looked at the sofa and adds: “I’m gonna kill him!”

The tweet went viral, being liked more than 1,9000 times, with a number of people responding to share their thoughts on the joke.

One person said: “Kieran is my new hero.”

“£30 for a doll’s sofa? That in itself is worrying,” commented another.

A third posted: “I wish you hadn’t pointed it out so we could garner their reaction when it actually arrived and was miniature.”

“That actually made me laugh out loud,” wrote someone else.

A different user added: “Surely she woulda known you couldn’t get a couch for £30!”

Priya later shared an update, saying: “Just clarifying even though most of you seemed to get it (hence calling Kieran a ‘hero’ etc)… He KNEW it was a doll’s house sofa. She did not (a very tired paeds reg post nights). They have bought a lovely 3 seater Chesterfield & are very happy.”